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  1. sukhera

    List of various scholarships offered for undergraduate studies Country Wise (2019)

    1. Hungary Name of Scholarship: Stipendium Hungaricum No.of Scholarships: Around 120 for Pakistan Procedure: Two application are required to be filled, one at stipendium hungaricum website also known as tpf portal, second one at HEC online portal, HEC will conduct a test Nominating agency: first...
  2. sukhera

    20,000 Pakistan students to get Chinese scholarships every year

    ISLAMABAD: Stressing for enhanced people-to-people contacts to take Pak-China strategic partnership to new heights, China’s Ambassador in Islamabad Yao Jing Monday said his country had increased the number of its scholarships for study of Pakistani students in China up to 20,000 per annum -...
  3. sukhera

    No torture mark found on Prof Loni’s body: doctors

    QUETTA: Police Surgeon Dr Ayesha Faiz and Medical Superintendent of the Civil Hospital Dr Saleem Abro have rejected the perception that the death of Prof Arman Loni, said to be a member of the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement, was caused by police torture and said that during the post-mortem...
  4. sukhera

    سینئر صوبائی وزیر علیم خان نیب کی زیر حراست

    نیب حکام نے سینئر صوبائی وزیر علیم خان کو حراست میں لے لیا۔ عبدالعلیم خان کو آف شور کمپنی اسکینڈل میں حراست میں لیا گیا ہے۔ ذرائع کے مطابق قومی احتساب بیورو (نیب) نے پنجاب کے وزیربلدیات علیم خان کو آف شور کمپنی کیس میں نیب لاہور میں طلب کیا تھا جہاں سینئر وزیر پیش ہوئے اورنیب کے سوالوں کے...