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    مریم نواز کے قافلے میں پتھروں سے بھری گاڑیاں، فوٹیجز سامنے آگئیں

    مریم نواز کے قافلے میں موجود پتھروں سے بھری ایک کالی گاڑی سامنے آگئی جو مریم نواز کی سیکیورٹی پر مامور تھی۔اس گاڑی میں بھاری تعداد میں پتھروں سے بھرے شاپر رکھے دیکھے جاسکتے ہیں۔ فوٹیج میں دیکھا جاسکتا ہے کہ لال ٹی شرٹ پہنے شخص نے گاڑی سے پتھروں بھری تھیلی نکالی اور پولیس اہلکاروں پر پتھراؤ شروع...
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    Shooting near White House interrupts Trump’s briefing on TV

    A uniformed Secret Service officer shot and wounded a man during a confrontation near the White House that led to President Donald Trump being abruptly escorted out of a briefing room during a televised news conference on Monday, authorities said. The White House complex was not breached and no...
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    Emirates to expand its service in Pakistan

    RAWALPINDI: The Emirates is increasing its passenger service to and from Pakistan on Aug 10, offering enhanced connectivity to over 70 destinations within the current network via Dubai. An Emirates spokesman said on Monday that the airline was set to ramp up its flight frequency to and from...
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    Pakistan 'most improved' country on US nuclear security index

    A United States study on worldwide nuclear materials security for 2020 has said Pakistan is the "most improved country" after increasing its overall score by seven points. On the whole, Pakistan ranked 19 with 47 points, while India ranked one place below at 20th spot with 41 points. According...
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    Pakistani government announces timings, SOPs for cattle markets ahead of Eid ul Adha

    In a meeting, headed by the Federal Minister for Planning and NCOC Chief Asad Umar, it was decided that the markets will operate between 6 am and 7 pm. Provincial chief secretaries also took part in the meeting through video link. The Minister addressed the potential harm that can be caused in...
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    Novartis to provide 'no profit' Covid-19 drugs to low-income countries

    Novartis’s Sandoz division will not make a profit on 15 generic drugs it is making available to developing countries to treat symptoms of Covid-19, the Swiss drugmaker said on Thursday. Novartis said it would provide medicines ranging from antibiotics and steroids to diarrhea pills to 79...
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    All licences issued to pilots are genuine: CAA

    KARACHI: In what appears to be a direct contradiction to the aviation minister’s allegation that almost 40 per cent of Pakistani pilots possessed ‘fake licences’, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has said that all commercial/airline transport pilots licences (CPL/ATPL) it issued “are genuine...
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    Type 1 diabetes cured in mice using stem cells

    New research uses an innovative technique to convert human stem cells into insulin-producing beta cells much more effectively. The insulin-producing cells created ‘rapidly cured’ type 1 diabetes in mice, and the benefits lasted for 9 months. As many as 187,000 children and adolescents in the...
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    What is number 1 aluminium powder coating company in Pakistan?

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